5 Most Important Things Your Business Needs To Be Doing Online

5 Most Important Things Your Business Needs to Be Doing Online

There’s no way to get around it, today’s marketing for your small business must include having an online presence. A pew research survey found that 73% of Americans responded saying they use the internet regularly. Americans with their own broadband internet connection is up to 84 million. The majority of them shop, and access their news, entertainment, recommendations, and reviews from online sources. They get driving directions, book rentals, and travel, research information, schedule services, participate in classes, do tutorials, perform remote jobs, and keep track of their friends and family all online. Your business needs to be where your potential clients are, and virtually.

Your Online Business Presence

To list all the ways a business can specifically interact and market themselves online could fill a book (and many people HAVE written books!). The truth is, building a foundation for your online presence and keeping up with it can be summed up in five easy but necessary steps:

    • 1) Have a Website Your company website is the foundation and home-base for your online presence. Your site gives you the freedom to establish your branding, promote your services, provide contact information, and tell your company story. It is the anchor making a case for why you are not only experts in your industry, but the best company to hire in your community. Most importantly, it’s the source of all links back to your content, once you start venturing out in social media and other marketing territories. Your website supports all of your business goals. It needs to be well-designed, user-friendly, intuitive, well-written, organized, and professional. It is the first and last place to present your company and its values.
    • 2) Google Analytics – Google, in general, represents a huge online presence, which can be a powerful tool in promoting your brand and reaching the maximum customers. They are the #1 search engine in the world, which means if you can come up in searches for your products and services, you’re half-way there in reaching potential customers. Google analytics tells you everything you need to know about the people who visit your website: How they got there, what pages they visited, did they contact you or make a purchase… and so much more! Best of all, it’s completely free.
    • 3) Blog – Blogs are important for several reasons. It’s a great way to put a human voice to your company branding. Your company blog showcases your expertise, sharing helpful tips and useful information, making your company the “go-to” when customers need advice or services. Make sure to keep your site info updated to show you are active and available. Feel free to recycle your old articles, presenting them in a fresh new way, since your material will continue to reach new people over time.
    • 4) Social Media – People are living in their own little bubble. Do you want to reach them in their bubble? You need to be on social media. Decide what social media platforms works the best for your industry, and share relevant articles, blogs, and photos from your website content to your profiles’ news feeds. You will attract followers who can help disburse and even create content for you with their engagement as they share what they love about your service, blogs, and community connections.
    • 5) Email Marketing –  You can use your website and your social medial pages to collect email addresses from those who would like regular info about your services, promotions, and great content. Stay at the top of your customers’ minds by scheduling regular, short, but informative emails to your subscribers. Keep it brief so they stay on your list, but frequent enough so they never forget your company is there for them when they need you. Create an automatic calendar of season-specific emails ahead of time to save you time and worry, while making sure you don’t “over-send” and lead them to unsubscribe.

Perhaps keeping up with these five important areas to engage with your online customers and bolster your business presence can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Eviva Media can help with as much, or as little, of your digital marketing as you need. We offer custom, online marketing packages for every need and budget, making sure you are well-represented and reaching those who need your area services or products the most. Call us today for a consultation.

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