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There are two viable ways to promote your company brand. Traditional marketing is tried and true, while some think it’s going the way of the dinosaur. Digital marketing is becoming common on a global level, touching most of the world’s population. To discern which is best for your business, these approaches need to be defined.

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Favorite Business Tools

Running a small business is no easy task. From personal experience there is a lot that happens behind the scenes for things to run smoothly that are often less than glamorous!  We wanted to share a few business tools that help make our lives easier. 17 Hats – Invoicing & Lead Management One of my

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Everyone is gearing up for this holiday season. How will your small business stand out through the chaos? We put together some holiday marketing ideas geared towards small businesses who want cost effective ideas to reach local audiences. Enjoy! Connect with other, similar, local businesses to cross promote your sales, specials. Utilize social media to

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how to brand your business online

Accomplished businesses greatly rely on their branding for their success. However, it doesn’t only benefit bigger, established companies. Whether you’re a large or small business, effective branding will make people want to do business with you. When you establish your own identity, you give the world a lens through which to view your brand. When

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how to start a business on the side

Owning and managing a business is a dream that a lot of working professionals have. Nothing breeds passion and fulfillment like running your own company. Unfortunately, most of these “dreamers” don’t follow through with their ambitions. Most of the time, it’s because of fear of financial risk. Being afraid to quit your job to make

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