Is Your Business Information Correct Online?

Is Your Business Information Correct Online?

Having the correct information for your business online is very important. If your phone number, address, website, or other business information is inaccurate or missing, you are losing out on potential leads.


If someone searches your name will they find you? If they do find you, will they find accurate information to contact you? If someone searches for your industry locally will your business come up on relevant sites? There are a number of instances where you might not be found or your information is not correct.


1. You never submitted your information to all of the online directories.


There are a lot of directories online. Did you submit your information to them? Do you know if you even hit all the major ones or are you just guessing that you did?


2. You started out with a home office and now have grown to a physical location.


Your information in the digital world may still lead back to your home office. AND if you aren’t even sure where you are listed and what directories you are in, how can you fix all of that on your own?


3. You’ve moved – at any point in owning your business!


If all your information leads back to your previous building then people are going to be lost finding you. Once your information starts getting out in the digital space, other sites may pick it up and share it. All of these sites would lead back to your previous space if you didn’t update it in all the important locations. On top of that, if people go to your old address and don’t find you, they may think you went out of business!


4. Your name, website, or phone number has changed over the years.


Let’s face it, people change businesses and URL’s pretty frequently in the early stages of business. Maybe you started off with a google phone number or your cell and now you have a landline. Maybe you brought on a partner or dropped one and changed the name and website of your business. The reasons for the changes don’t matter, what matters is that you get it all updated.


Finding your business everywhere that it is listed can be difficult. Let’s be honest, a google search won’t bring back everywhere that you are listed. Even if you kept a list of all the places you are listed, what about all the third party sites that pull information from the main sites. The truth is, that if your competitor is showing up ahead of you in Google, or potential customers are frustrated when they get inaccurate information online, you will miss out on the chance to get them as a client or customer.


We have an easy solution for you! Our scan tool will scan your website and find your listing on relevant websites. You’ll get a list of errors or missing information that you can either fix on your own or we can help with the cleanup. It’s easy for you to run and then make a choice on how to fix everything.


Use our FREE web scanner to see how your business shows up and whether you need to make a lot of changes to get your business current. 

Once your scan is complete, if you find that you have a lot of changes to make then we can help you with that cleanup. Contact us today to chat about how we can help you!

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