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Website Rebuild

Behind the Scenes of a Website Rebuild

Sometimes what matters most are the things you can’t see. This especially holds true for business websites, which have so many moving parts. You work hard to create an attractive, compelling brand image; what if all your hard work is being undermined by something going on behind the scenes? A client of ours, Timber Hill Winery, is a perfect example of how much harder it can be to gain traction when your website isn’t built for peak efficiency and functionality

Your Website Can Impact Your Business Reputation & Revenue

A great example of how back-end work can impact people’s ability to find your business, as well as your bottom line is Timber Hill Winery. Owned by an innovative, inspiring woman, Timber Hill Winery has historically been a regional favorite working to establish and grow a robust online audience. She came to Eviva Media with an existing website, looking to increase her visibility on Google, or as we call it in the industry: improve her SEO. Because we didn‘t build the original website, there were issues that we weren‘t able to immediately address, but we built a strategy to increase rankings and visibility with the tools that were available.

Timber Hill Winery’s Google Ranking Results over the past several years!

As Timber Hill Winery continued to grow, we added additional functionality that allowed them to do some pretty exciting things: showcase their entire wine collection, feature events, add additional pages for new offerings at the winery, and more! Unfortunately, due to how the site was built, additional improvements and even regular security maintenance became a challenge. These challenges grew even more noticeable as Google continued to make updates to how they rank websites. They prioritized website speed, but that wasn’t the only concern. The existing website had limited tracking capabilities which created a headache when trying to measure marketing results, as well as a patchwork of multiple ecommerce tools that further complicated matters. All of these separate but related issues made it clear that it was time to rebuild the Timber Hill Winery website.

The design of the website was almost unchanged; the true magic took place at the back-end of the website, or what website visitors couldn’t see. While specific pages were spruced up and improved, leaving the design largely unchanged allowed us to keep costs down while dramatically boosting functionality. In the end, we were able to:

· Double page loading speed, which improved their rankings in Google as well as the average time spent on the website.
· Create a system for tracking both ecommerce and website leads, all tied back to the marketing source in a cohesive manner
·Eliminate the security issues that were previously negatively affecting website maintenance

With these changes, Timber Hill Winery’s website became a more effective vehicle for brand growth, rather than limiting their growth potential.

What You Can Learn From Timber Hill Winery’s Website Rebuild

No two businesses are identical, and neither are their individual needs. Still, some things are universal. The example of Timber Hill Winery’s website shows us how important the back-end of your website can be! The decision to rebuild this website leads to measurable growth and expansion; the same can be true for your business.

Your website is crucial in terms of establishing a professional, desirable image. This is often the first impression new visitors have of your brand as a whole, and it’s vital that first impression be a good one. Many owners also struggle to connect the image projected by their website and how things actually work on the ground. You want to eliminate confusion with clear messaging and cohesive branding.

As a business owner, you wear a lot of different hats; mastering website design and maintenance doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, investing the time necessary to become an expert will require you to stop focusing on your business itself, setting you back even further.

Improving Website Performance While Keeping Your Business Front-and-Center

Maintaining your website in the digital age is complex, but it’s also essential. Establishing yourself and your brand as a front-runner is all about what’s happening behind the scenes, as you well know. Back-end changes can have a staggering impact without necessitating a complete redesign that changes the appearance of your site. If you love the way it looks but hate the way it works, making adjustments and modifications on the back end can be a game-changer.

Whether you’re an established business looking to grow or you’re just getting started, you know that time is a precious commodity in short supply. This is where it becomes essential to have a true partner for your website, one which allows you to break away from the pack and stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve been trying different things to expand your online presence and are not happy with the results, it may be time for a clear growth strategy and plan. Request more information today and see how our experience helping business owners can take your website to the next level.

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