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Your Success

Is Our Success

At Eviva Media, your success is our goal. Whether it's crafting the perfect website or doubling your revenue through marketing, we're here to help. From websites design to SEO, we've got the solutions to fuel your growth. With personalized service, we'll be by your side, cheering you on at every step. Let's make your success our next achievement!

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The Eviva Experience

We’re on your team.

We never want you to feel alone. We communicate processes, expectations, data, and results in a way that is easy to understand.

We treat your business as ours.

When you trust us with your marketing, we take our responsibility to you seriously. We own our actions and our results.

“There’s always a better way.”

We constantly look for ways to be more efficient and effective. Digital marketing is always changing—and so are we.

The details matter.

We pay close attention to “the little things” because we know they’ll help us uniquely showcase your brand and personality.

We're difference makers.

We’ll take the time to get to know you on a personal level—and we love showing you how much each of our clients matters to us.

About the Eviva Media Team

Proudly woman-owned, we're a full-service agency excelling in website creation and marketing strategies for businesses in Wisconsin and globally. We craft strong websites, effective marketing systems, and authentic online presences to propel your business towards its goals.

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Catherine Wilson

Managing Director

Catherine Wilson started Eviva Media to help businesses like yours find the same digital marketing success she had created for large corporations. Now, more than a decade later, she has built a team of developers, designers, copywriters, and marketing professionals—all of whom are highly experienced working with small and medium-sized businesses.

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Amanda Kemmel


For many clients, Amanda is the face of Eviva Media. After all, she’s often the first team member they talk to—and she’s undoubtedly the one who gets them excited about working with us. After spending seven years at a Wisconsin Home Builders Association, she brought her relationship-building expertise to the Eviva team… And we couldn’t be happier.

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Jen Bradley

Director of Operations

Jen thrives in strategy mode – so you can guarantee she helps a client’s growth flourish as Eviva’s Lead Strategist. She loves to visualize the big picture and find ways to empower clients as well as her team. An accomplished journalist and marketing strategist, Jen knows how to ask the right questions that take a project to the next level. Most of all, she loves people. Whether at home with her young family, at work, or at church, she desires to serve others, encouraging them to be their best! 

Jennifer Galle


Jennifer is a marketing coordinator with a variety of experience working with clients in different industries. She loves working with her clients and helping them grow their businesses. When she’s not hard at work, Jennifer enjoys camping with her family and friends.

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Allison Godwin


Allison is a marketing coordinator with a diverse professional background. She has worked in many facets of marketing, from advertising and public relations to social media and event planning. Allison is excited to use her skills to help promote the clients she works with at Eviva Media. She and her family are often on the go and looking for fun activities to do together. 

Courtney Lukawiecki

Meet Courtney!
Courtney is a marketing coordinator with extensive experience in developing and executing marketing strategies. With a passion for storytelling and a keen understanding of digital platforms, she has successfully driven brand growth and customer engagement through innovative campaigns. Beyond her professional expertise, Courtney is an avid sports enthusiast who loves anything and everything sports-related, whether it’s catching a live game or participating in local sports activities. Additionally, Courtney is a country music aficionado who enjoys attending concerts and discovering new artists.
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Taylor Woods


Taylor is a marketing professional with almost a decade of experience. She uses that experience to help the Eviva Media team run smoothly on the operations side, working with our coordinators and content team. When not at work you can find Taylor painting, binge-watching TV, and loving on her three fur-babies.

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Alejandro González


Alejandro is a self-taught web developer specializing in WordPress and Elementor. Fueled by a passion for technology and problem-solving, he crafts dynamic websites tailored to business needs. Away from the screen, Alejandro’s love for sports reflects his resilience, balancing his tech prowess with an active lifestyle.

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Andy Foss


Andy has a diverse background with over a decades worth of experience on both the agency and client side of digital marketing. His sincere desire to help people, partnered with his lifelong thirst for knowledge, has allowed him to help improve the digital marketing of almost every client he’s had the opportunity to work with. When he’s not at work he enjoys spending time in the outdoors, road tripping, exploring new hobbies, or just hanging out with his kids.

Julio Calvilo

Social Advertising Specialist

Meet Julio! With over two decades of sales experience that include eight years specializing in Facebook ads, Julio is a professional in the marketing world. What sets him apart is his deep understanding of consumer behavior and digital platforms, allowing him to craft impactful strategies that drive results. Outside of work, Julio finds joy in music, movies, and traveling, using these passions to broaden his horizons and create meaningful connections wherever he goes.

Rachel White

Marketing Admin

Rachel has been working behind the scenes in marketing agencies for five years now. She takes care of the minor details so the coordinators, content team, and managers are free to focus on the bigger picture. She’s currently working as a digital nomad from a coffee shop somewhere in Europe and loves hiking, exploring, and reading in her down time.

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Kevin Ristow


Kevin brings over 25 years of creative communications experience and an extensive graphics background to the Eviva team. His career emphasis has been to cultivate visual communication channels and apply his professional design experience towards marketing, education, and sustainability projects. In his free time, you’ll find him camping, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or home brewing.

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Ali Gabriel


Ali brings over a decade of design and development experience to Eviva Media. His creativity and eye for design help our clients build an online presence that is on brand and uniquely theirs. 

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Nathaniel Rodriguez


Nathaniel is a web designer and developer who loves learning new things. He’s passionate about solving our clients’ unique website problems and is always looking for new challenges. He is an excellent problem solver and has a knack for quickly mastering new technologies.

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