4 Online Marketing Techniques for Contractors

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4 marketing techniques for contractors

Top contractors today revealed four of the most effective online marketing strategies that they use. Details of each type, advantages and disadvantages along with tips on how you can integrate these techniques in your PR’s marketing plan are provided below.

  1. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

If your company wants to pay only for advertisements that are really being noticed by clients, then the pay-per-click marketing method is for you. This technique will let your brand be advertised across numerous websites in various search engines while minimizing costs. This is because you will only pay the for every instance that your ad is clicked and the customer is led to your own website. You can choose from three kinds of PPC forms, namely:

  • Text ads – two to three liner hyperlink text descriptions that provide short and informative details of your products
  • Banner ads – unlike texts, banners are colorful, catchy and picture-laden graphics
  • Product ads – provides a list of company products with short descriptions of each and product icon or small pictures
  1. Content Marketing

Blogs and articles are the most commonly used marketing techniques in the internet. These informative and reader-friendly marketing instruments permits businessmen like you to tell your stories to your clients. However, you should be cautious in creating your content articles. Keep in mind these practical advices from our experts:

  • Don’t overuse your marketing pitches.
  • Refrain from exaggerating the benefits of your products.
  • Use these articles to educate rather than sell your services.

Expert marketing consultants like Eviva Media advises that companies should be honest and realistic with their messages in order for the clients to recognize genuine connection with the service provider.


  1. Video Marketing

Contractors like you can also tell your story and market your skills through videos. By posting one or a group of video tutorials or testimonials on YouTube, you can provide demonstrations to your clients on how your product should be used or share raving reviews from your clients.

  1. Social network marketing

Lastly, social network marketing sites are the most practical and public-friends methods to establish rapport with your target audience.

  • Customer assistance through Twitter

If you are working on the real estate industry, you can use your Twitter handle to respond to the inquiries of your potential clients. You can provide introductory quotations and assessment through Twitter replies. The real-time feature will certainly be appreciated by the inquisitive client.

  • Share latest updates using Facebook

Your contracting firm should have an established Facebook account where you can share the latest projects, innovative solutions, as well as client testimonials.


Are you currently utilizing any of these forms of online marketing? Share your successes, challenges and ask questions in the comments below!

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