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This image features the text "How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business?" over a blue-tinted photo of people working at a table.

Explore the ins and outs of learning to sail the social seas: choose the right platform for your business to find marketing success!

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This image shows a keyboard with text overlay reading "CTA (Call to Action) - The Best Way to Be Clickable" and the white logo "EVIVA media."

At its core, a CTA is simple: a phrase or button that prompts users to take a specific action. Using this simple, yet effective tactic comes with a host of benefits for your digital marketing.

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A laptop displaying "Website Refresh vs. Redesign: Is it Time to Start Over?" with a traffic cone and "Under Construction" sign on the keyboard and a white Eviva Media logo.

When debating between a simple website refresh or a full website redesign, there’s lots to consider! Explore the 5 major signs that your website needs a redesign vs a refresh.

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A laptop and smartphone displaying graphs and data analytics with text on Google Analytics and GA4 and the visibility of a brand name.

Google Analytics and GA4 are two highly effective tools that are instrumental in unlocking the full potential of digital data, offering invaluable insights into your audience’s interactions. Learn all about these two tools.

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The image shows a person's hands writing notes next to a laptop, smartphone, with a title about sending content to your marketing team by EVIVA media.

Learn how to navigate the process of first capturing and then sending content to your marketing team (whether they’re in-house or an agency) efficiently and effectively.

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This image features a pile of social content icons (likes and hearts) with text addressing the balance between entertaining and professional content in social media.

Striking the right balance between being entertaining while maintaining professionalism can be a difficult thing to achieve when it comes to social content. Learn how to master this art with Eviva media.

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White text reads: The Low-Down on Facebook Ads vs. Boosting Posts - What's the Difference? EVIVA media logo below text.

Paid ads and boosted posts share basic similarities at first glance, but you should understand the differences to maximize your business’ marketing budget.

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In this image, a comparison is being made between custom website design and template website design to determine which is best for a business. Full Text: WEBDESIGN Home Beautiful websites. WWeb design development carefully made by the best prof Custom Website vs Template choice for your Professionals. The best Which Is Best for Your Business? ob desdestone Stort = EVIVA 0 WEBDESIGN Beautiful Choose one of our theme WEBDESIGN media websites. Or hire o web designer Web design development carelaby We have made by the best professionals. The best choice for your business. Beautiful eautiful websites. websites. Design your own webste Web design daveloppetre ccuotull Stort -

Your business’s web presence is often the first interaction potential customers will have with your brand. Like the front door to a shop or the reception area for an office, this is your chance to pull off that all-important first impression flawlessly. It is vital to not only know the value of your web presence,

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A person is making an "X" sign with their arms in the foreground against a yellow background with text about blocking someone from messaging a Meta (Facebook) Business Page.

Recently, there have been an increase in pages receiving messages from the Meta “Help Center” or similar Meta support pages falsely informing them that their Business Page has been disabled or in violation. These messages include a link prompting you to “view details.” We want to clarify that these claims are untrue, and pages are

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

As any business owner knows, marketing is essential to the success of any company. It is creating awareness and interest in your product or service and ultimately driving sales. Instead of considering outsourcing as an expense, view it as an investment in the future success of your business. An experienced marketing agency will identify your

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