How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business?

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Hey there, local biz whizzes! Ready to take a dive into the social seas but not sure which island to dock at? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to navigate the waters of social media platforms and find the perfect spot for your brand to bask in the digital sun!

Know Your Audience: B2B vs. B2C

First things first, let’s talk audience. The social media habitat you choose depends on who you’re trying to reach. Are you aiming to charm other businesses (B2B)? LinkedIn might just be your savanna. Or are you looking to woo consumers directly (B2C)? Then, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok could be your perfect playground.

Psst, pro tip: Don’t stretch yourself too thin trying to mingle at every party. Pick your platform based on where your audience loves to hang out! There are lots of free tools to help you determine which platforms serve which demographics best. Figure out who you want to target with your own business and look for those social platform demographics. 

For example, Facebook is a great spot to post photos with middle-aged women in mind, whereas posting short-form videos on YouTube is great for 25-34 year olds. 

What is Your Goal for Posting Content?

Next up, let’s chat goals. What’s the destination for your social media quest? This is going to depend on how far into your social media journey you are. Have you traveled deep into the seven seas or are you just leaving land?

Tips for When You’re Just Starting

If you’re just starting on social media, your goal might be to just gain a bit of a following first. Try to create realistic, measurable goals for the amount of followers, like, comments, shares, or any other metrics. For example, if you’re starting from scratch, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to grow your followers by 10,000 folks overnight (Unless you’re a pro at viral videos, that is!). Aim for a more realistic number that will allow you to grow your following bit-by-bit. 

Pro tip: quality over quantity is going to go a long way when it comes to followers. It’s better to have 50 SUPER engaged followers who are actually interested in your business and what you offer than 50,000 followers who don’t know you from Adam and couldn’t care less about what you post. Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean they have good followers. 

Tricks for When You’re Already in the Game

If you’ve already set up the right social platforms for your business and are looking to improve on your social game, some other goals you might aim for include:

To Gain Followers
Ready to be the pied piper of your industry? Platforms with high engagement like Instagram and TikTok can help you create a following that hangs onto your every post.

Get Leads
If you’re fishing for leads, LinkedIn can be the shiny lure for B2B, while Facebook ads have the knack to get B2C bites.

Create Brand Awareness
Want to be as notorious as a cat meme? Go where the crowds are. Facebook and X (previously, Twitter) are all-around good spots to share content about your biz. 

Just Have Active Pages
Sometimes just being consistently YOU is enough to make your followers happy. Update your audience so they know you’re alive and well, ready to answer questions or book a job!

What Type of Content Do You Plan to Post?

Crafting content that aligns with your technological capabilities is key. Assess the tools and skills at your disposal, and tailor your content accordingly. If you’re a pro at infographics, make them your star attraction. If you’re a video editing wizard, use that to your advantage. If you’ve got a great speaking voice, creating some short-form content talking about your specialty is a great way to showcase it. 

Regardless of what you do, quality is non-negotiable. Every post, tweet, or video you share is a testament to your commitment to excellence. It’s not just about avoiding typos or ensuring good lighting — it’s about delivering value that reinforces trust in your brand.

On the other hand, if you struggle with getting good photos or don’t know how to take a video that showcases your work, there are plenty of helpful resources out there that can help. Do a quick search on YouTube for quick photo tips or check out an article for content ideas you can re-create. You might also want to invest in someone who can take some professional photos of you at work; this helps you create a slew of content you can choose from in the future, too. 

Remember, your content should be a true reflection of your branding. It’s the digital handshake between you and your audience, so it needs to embody the essence of your business. Is your brand personality professional or playful? Educational or entertaining? Make sure your content resonates with this identity and consistently communicates the core values of your business.

Make sure you check out our blog on Finding the Balance with Social Content: Entertaining vs Professional for more tips.

Pro Tip: The content you share tells the story of your brand. When all else fails – keep it simple. Posting a photo with a great story alongside it can do wonders to connect with folks of all kinds online. Everyone loves a good story!

How Often Do You Plan to Post?

Last but not least, frequency is key – it’s like watering your garden so your flowers bloom! Each social platform has its own rhythm:

  • The Daily Buzzers: Twitter and Instagram love regular activity. The more you show up, the more you’re seen.
  • The Weekly Bloomers: Facebook and LinkedIn enjoy a good weekly check-in that keeps connections fresh without overwhelming them.
  • The Quality-Over-Quantity Types: YouTube thrives on quality. Even a bi-weekly masterpiece can keep your audience craving more.

Find Your Perfect Match: Time to Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Figuring out the perfect combo of platform, goal, content type, and posting frequency is like crafting a secret sauce that’s uniquely yours. Don’t be afraid to taste-test and tweak as you go!

Now, go forth and conquer the social seas, you digital dynamos! And remember, in the vast ocean of social media, the right platform for your business is the one where your audience anchors down and happily sips on the content cocktail you’re serving.

So, what’ll it be? Still unsure which platform is ‘The One’? Don’t worry; your friendly neighborhood digital marketing agency is here to play matchmaker! (And how appropriate since this blog is being posted in February…)

Feeling ready to mingle on social media but need a first mate? Don’t go it alone! Reach out to our team today and let’s make your business the toast of the town!

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