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This image is encouraging people to make the upcoming home show season their best yet by utilizing EVIVA media. Full Text: Make This Year's Home Show Season Your Best Yet! EVIVA media

What’s better than promoting your business to large groups of people actively seeking home improvements, upgrades, and service pros? Home show season gives you the opportunity to do just that, but it also gathers all your competition under the same roof at the same time. Maximizing the return on your home show booth investment means

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Full Text: Unlock the Power of Buzzwords with Marketing Terms 101 EVIVA media

Acronyms, jargon, and buzzwords, oh my! If you feel like you’re surrounded by marketing terms and language you don’t quite understand, you’re not alone. You’re the expert at what you do; it took blood, sweat, tears, and no small measure of time to reach that level of expertise. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in the

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posting on social media from laptop

What if there were a tool that could give you the potential to access almost 60% of the global population with end-over-end annual growth? An estimated 4.70 billion people around the world use social media, and the average user is active on roughly seven platforms. Posting on social media gives your business a window to

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Digital Marketing Trends

There’s just something about a new year that makes new habits and new attitudes appealing. Of course, everyone wants to greet the first few pages of a new calendar with optimism and determination, but time passing is also a reminder that trends and attitudes can change swiftly. So, if you’re ready to take your marketing

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