Affordable Video Marketing in 2021

Affordable Video Marketing in 2021

Affordable Video Marketing

Affordable video marketing is now available to more and more small businesses. As more streaming services become available and homeowners are finally “cutting the cord”, businesses that may have relied on TV ads or are looking for a new way to get their business out in front of their ideal target market have more options now than ever!

YouTube Video Ads

For businesses looking for a more affordable way to put their video ads in front of their target market, YouTube has been the #1 online option for years. Owned by Google, YouTube has so many targeting options that give advertisers the ability to really target their ideal customer — something that you aren’t able to do with traditional TV ads. 

Google’s advertising platform gives advertisers extensive targeting options as well as low-cost views. The average cost per video view for Eviva Media clients is only $0.10-$0.15 per view. There are even clients who see view costs below that! Your cost per view comes down to the audience size you are attempting to target. The best part? If your ads are set up as pre-roll, skippable ads, you only pay when someone actually watches your ad!

Targeting options include the ability to reach people based on their web history. For example, if you want to target people who are researching home remodeling projects, in Google’s platform you have the ability to show your video to viewers who have been browsing home improvement websites. 

Re-marketing is also a common way to target viewers. You’ve likely experienced it yourself – you are researching a website and leave, only to see ads for that company show up as you look at other websites. That targeting is available to any business! Eviva Media uses re-marketing frequently in both video and banner advertising.

Facebook Video Ads

As social media use continues to climb, video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other networks are proving to be a very cost-effective and engaging way to reach your audience. While YouTube may be the most popular video advertising platform, social media comes in a close second. 

  • Facebook has 2.5 billion monthly users

  • 1.95 billion of those users can be reached by ads (that’s 32% of everyone in the world over the age of 13)
  • Mobile-first Facebook video increases brand awareness by up to 67%.
  • TV advertising costs 20 times more than Facebook ads and Facebook reaches two times the number of people as a TV ad.
  • 84% of video marketers are using Facebook as one of their main video marketing channels. Two-thirds of American marketers do the same. ( HootSuite )

Short videos work better – a 15+ second video ad has a higher abandon rate. The first three seconds of a Facebook video ad are responsible for 47% of the total campaign value. That is why 65% of users who watched the first three seconds of a video are likely to watch it up to 10 seconds.

HULU Streaming Ads

Up until recently, it was cost-prohibitive for most small businesses to test the waters with video advertising on streaming platforms. The majority of them required $10,000 per month or larger commitments and for the majority of the clients we work with, it has been too difficult to make that investment without any data to tell us if it will help them reach their goals!

In 2020, HULU created a new self-service platform that gives advertisers the ability to run ads on their platform with a much smaller budget: starting at only $500 per month! This makes affordable video marketing on one of the most popular streaming platforms accessible to almost any business.

Just like the other video platforms we have been talking about, HULU allows different targeting options:

  • Demographics: targeting your ideal audience based on information that HULU has about them.
  • Device: identifying where someone is watching HULU – TV, Phone/Tablet, or Computer/Laptop
  • Programs: What type of programs are they watching? News, family, sports, etc…

With a lower budget requirement and an easy-to-use platform, HULU is the first streaming service to put TV advertising in the hands of small businesses. 

If you are a business owner looking for ways to integrate affordable video marketing into your marketing strategy, these are great options for you! It’s important to make sure you are tracking your campaigns to be able to measure the return on your investment. If you have questions about getting started or which platform makes the most sense for your business, schedule a call today!

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