4 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Facebook Ads Account

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4 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Facebook Ads Account

In recent years, Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Facebook Ads makes it easy to create custom audiences, build brand awareness, sell your products, and generate leads in just a few clicks. With a custom Facebook account, you can segment Facebook users based on their interests, demographics, behaviors, and more to target an audience that is most likely to be interested in your product or service!

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through how to setup a Facebook Ads account for your business on Facebook Business Manager.


What will you need?

•A personal Facebook account
•A Facebook page for your business
•Admin access to your business’s Facebook page
•A payment method for advertising

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a website that allows businesses to manage their Facebook and Instagram advertising activities. Instagram and Facebook have both been integrated to help you manage posts and check account notifications.

Step 1: Create Facebook Business Manager Account

Login to Facebook Business Manager

The first thing you need to do is go to business.facebook.com and click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will be prompted to login to your personal Facebook account from there. Going forward, you will use your personal email address and password to login to your business manager account.

You should now be logged into your personal Facebook account and able to select the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’.

From here you’ll be prompted to enter:
•Business and Account name (The name of your business should match the public name on Facebook.)
•Your name
•Your business email (be sure to use your work email address here, not your personal email address)

Create your Business Manager account

As soon as you submit, you’ll receive an email to let you know that your account was created! You’ll need to log into your work email address and confirm your access. When you confirm your email address, you will be redirected back to the Facebook Business Manager settings page or here if it fails to redirect you: business.facebook.com/settings

Congratulations, you have a Facebook Business account now!

Step 2: Add Business Pages To Business Manager

Add Pages to Facebook Business Manager

Next, you should link your business’ Facebook page with your business manager account. The first thing you’ll need to do is find the ‘Pages’ tab under the ‘Accounts’ tab, select ‘add’, and then click ‘add a page’.

Next, plug in the URL of your business’s Facebook page into the field on the ‘add a Facebook Page’ pop-up.

Add URL to Facebook Business Manager in Pages

If your business has an Instagram Account, and you would like to run ads on Instagram as well, you can easily connect your Instagram under the ‘Instagram Accounts’ tab. To connect your Instagram account, all you need to do is login.

Connect your Instagram to Facebook Business Manager

Step 3: Add Payment Method

Adding a payment method will be the next step. You will be charged through this method each time your business runs an advertisement through Facebook Ads. No need to worry, you can always change this information! If you’re not quite ready to commit, skip this step and come back when you’re ready to start running ad’s!

In the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen scroll down to the tab that says ‘Payment Method’s’.

Click Payment Methods Tab on Facebook Business Manager

Click on ‘Add Payment Method’. Fill out your Credit/Debit card information.

Add Payment Method to Facebook Business Manager

Step 4: How to Create a Facebook Ads Account

Now that everything else is all set up, you should be ready to create a Facebook Ads account for your business. You will use this account to create and run advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram.

In the navigation bar, scroll down to the tab that is labeled ‘Ad accounts’, select the blue ‘Add’ button, and click ‘Create a new ad account’. 

Create New Facebook Ads Account

Name your ad account, enter your time zone, currency you prefer, and click next. It will proceed to ask ‘Who will this ad account be used for’, and you will select your business, and click “Create”.

Enter Information to create new Facebook Ad Account

Next, you’ll want to select which users/employees you want to add to your Facebook Ads account and assign them access levels. There are multiple options to choose from, and will vary for each business.

Add Employees/Users to acces your Facebook Ads Account

Last but not least you will need to know how to access Facebook Ads Manager. This is where you will create and run your advertising campaigns for your business. To get here, you will need to select the 3 lined icon on the top left corner of the screen and click ‘Ads Manager’.

And voila! You’ve successfully created a Facebook Ads account for your Business. 

Do you need help creating a marketing strategy for your Facebook Ads?

Knowing how to create an advertisement that gets results is the real challenge. Luckily, our team of marketing experts are here for you! We can help your business grow through creative and engaging ad strategies designed just right for your industry. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

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