Website Security Fails: 3 Real-Life Examples Of Hacked Websites

Website Security Fails: 3 Real-Life Examples Of Hacked Websites

Have you ever received a notification that someone tried to access your social media account? Maybe you’ve even had it happen to your email address or something even bigger like your bank account! Did you know that it can happen to websites, too? In fact, website security is just as important as safeguarding your personal information. If you don’t, the consequences can have a major impact on your business.

Here’s what happened to three businesses just like yours who experienced a serious security threat, along with tips on how to keep your website protected so it does not happen to you.


Unsavory Content Was Added to a Contractor Site

A local HVAC contractor was managing their own website, but they didn’t realize it was also their responsibility to keep it secure. A hacker was able to bypass their website login and took over the site, adding pages of inappropriate images. Had they not discovered this right away, the new content could have turned off their customers and ruined their brand.

The contractor contacted our team and we were able to build them a temporary site to get the company back up and running. Due to our quick response, we were able to minimize the negative impact on the business. Their new website is protected from future hacking attempts, all while providing a better customer experience!

Friendly General Contractor for… Canadian Pharma?

A commercial construction company didn’t update their website very regularly, and honestly just didn’t think about it much! The company hadn’t had any problems with website security, so hackers weren’t a concern to them.

Everything was going fine… until one day when their website visitors started getting rerouted to a Canadian pharmaceutical company.

Hackers had taken over their domain and used it to try to drive traffic for their own gains.

We recovered the site, improved it, and made it safe and secure from hackers. We also built a temporary landing page making it easy for people to contact them so there was no further disruption for the company or their customers.

With a modern website and better security, the company is now able to rest easy knowing their online presence is in good hands!

A Guided Hunt for How Much??

The owners of a guided hunting business were getting ready for an upcoming season. They sent an email to their entire customer list encouraging them to schedule their next hunt. What they didn’t realize was that overnight a hacker had taken complete control of their website and domain.

The hacker demanded $50,000 to return ownership of the domain back to the company. Not only was this an impossible demand for the owners, but they understandably didn’t trust the hacker and were forced to find an alternative solution. Instead of paying the ransom money to the hacker, the owners were forced to pick an entirely new domain and start from the ground up to establish a new online presence.

It Can Happen to You

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the proper website security measures in place, you’re a prime target for hackers.

While brands like Costco, Amazon, and Walmart have all suffered at the hands of hackers, as our examples above show, no company is too small to get hacked!

So, how can you ensure you don’t lose your domain, your email list, or even your company’s private financial information? Protect your site from hackers by implementing security strategies as soon as possible.

At Eviva Media, we offer a hacker guarantee. If your website is hacked, compromised, or things “break”, we will get your website cleaned up at no additional cost. It’s like built-in insurance for your website.

Find out how effective your website is performing with our complimentary Website Audit. This means you can see how your site is doing now and if there are any obvious holes in your website security.

Contact us today to learn more.

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