2022 Marketing Strategies: 5 Marketing Takeaways Going Into The New Year

2022 Marketing Strategies

As we look into the new year and prepare our marketing strategies for 2022, it’s important to look back at the past year and consider the ways in which the marketing landscape has changed. From the updates in the Google algorithm placing more importance on website speed and performance to the news surrounding Facebook changing its company name to Meta, marketing went through a few awkward growing phases. Now that the year is wrapping up, it’s time to consider our 2022 marketing strategies.

Here are 5 marketing takeaways going into the new year—


1. Website Speed Became Even More Important

With more people working from home and fewer places to go thanks to the pandemic, people spent a lot of time indoors and online. And everyone was short on patience.

Website speed has always been a crucial part of getting people to explore a site, and Google caught on to this idea and added it to their algorithm for SEO. In other words, slow sites became harder to find and fast, high-performing sites got a bump in rankings.

What does this mean for your 2022 marketing strategy? It’s only going to become more important to have your site working properly, and that means running at optimal speed.

2. The Great Recession Made Online Presence More Important Than Ever

People had enough of unfilling and stressful work environments… so they went looking for work online. For the first time in ages, it became a jobseeker’s market. Now, your online presence and website are more important than ever if you’re trying to build your team.

Potential employees research businesses extensively, and that includes investigating a company’s website to find out more about your brand, values, and whether you present yourself professionally.

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3. You Can’t Rely on Social Media to Market Your Business

Social media’s reign continued through 2021, and more new businesses popped up all over Instagram and Facebook. But when their marketing and web presence on social media didn’t match their poor-performing websites, people got aggravated.

Plus, with the outages that happened, businesses without a strong website and ways to reach out to customers found themselves up a creek without a paddle.

On top of all that, Facebook changed its name to Meta and made advertising even more complicated than before. The takeaway? In 2022, you’ve got to have a website presence that doesn’t revolve around social media.

4. Video Marketing Became More Affordable

It used to be cost-prohibitive to advertise with video marketing, but more companies than ever are turning to YouTube, social media ads, and even Hulu to get more eyes on their business. With each view on YouTube costing as little as 10 cents, it’s more affordable than ever to share engaging and targeted content.

Plus, Hulu recently changed their advertisement packages and now lets you share your commercials for as little as $500 a month! At that price, how can you afford not to try video marketing?

5. Nothing Beats a Solid and Measurable Marketing Plan

Some things never change. Our biggest takeaway from the last year in marketing is that a solid and measurable marketing plan is still the most important aspect when it comes to getting new and repeat customers interested in your business. Social media trends come and go, and cultural shifts slowly change the marketing landscape, but planning, strategy, and data analysis never go out of style. Now that’s news we can get behind.

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