How the Google Algorithm Impacts Your Website Rankings

Google Algorithm Update

How Updates to the Google Algorithm Can Impact Your Website Rankings

As a business owner, you know how important it is for people to find your website on Google. High rankings mean more eyes on your website, more leads, and more potential clients. Keeping up with the ever-changing updates that Google makes can feel like an impossible task for the average business owner. Unless you’re an expert in web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing practices, staying on top of the changes is a challenge.

Little tweaks and changes to the Google algorithm are almost constant, with differing levels of impact on your site itself. Google makes these little updates frequently. Major updates happen 2-3 times per year and can cause an abrupt and startling drop in rankings or visitors to your site. Staying on top of these changes to maintain a strong online presence that adds value to your business can be a full-time job, but as a business operating in a digital world, you can’t afford to ignore them.

What is the Google Algorithm?

With millions of people searching online every minute, Google is the go-to search engine for most web users. The goal of any search engine is to quickly look through a nearly infinite number of possibilities, returning the results most relevant to your particular search. Basically, Google wants to give you an answer for what you are searching for! However, the criteria for what Google uses to rank websites is an ever-moving target, especially after major updates to the algorithm (or the code that determines what’s important).

Why Google Algorithm Updates Can Change Your Website’s Performance

When Google makes a major change to its algorithm, the effect on individual websites can be surprising. Some may see upticks in visitors to their website, but many times we see a sudden and significant shift in the other direction. Climbing back up closer to the top means not only figuring out what Google is prioritizing in each update, but also making sure to adjust your site accordingly.

What Does Google’s Algorithm Look For Today?

Google wants to see that your website is answering the question of the person searching and adds value. The search engine also wants to see that your website is built well, loads fast, and is designed for mobile. There are several things you can do to see if your website is checking the boxes:

1. Request a free website audit that analyzes the back-end of your website to see if there are any technical issues blocking your website from ranking.

2. Start a blog or resource section on your website. Answer the questions that you hear every day in your business. These are the things people are asking Google, too!

3. Look at your website on mobile. Is it an optimal experience, or is it sending people away?

4. Review your website speed. If you have a slow-loading website, Google will decrease your rankings.

5. Is your website secure? Several years ago, Google added site security as a ranking factor!

Is Your Website Ready for Changes to the Google Algorithm?

You’re juggling a never-ending list of tasks and responsibilities. Your website shouldn’t be one of them.

Building a website is only a small part of the equation; ongoing maintenance and optimization will keep your website on top of the game. We understand how vital your website is to your bottom line, and how quickly hard work can be undone by a single change to the Google algorithm if you aren’t prepared.

You don’t have time to hone expert digital marketing and website management skills; fortunately, that’s our area of expertise. By proactively making changes to our clients’ websites ahead of a major update to carrying out the tweaks necessary after an update goes live, we can minimize any negative impact resulting from these changes.

As a result, our clients see an ongoing positive impact from algorithm updates without being forced to personally prepare for these changes. If you’re ready to put your website on a set-it-and-forget-it course for success, we can help. Request a free audit of your website today and let us tell you what’s going on behind the scenes so you’re always ready for updates to search engine algorithms.

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