The Truth About Investing in Your Website and Marketing Strategy

Investing in Your Website and Marketing Strategy

The word “invest” can leave people feeling uncomfortable. We say that’s a good thing because business owners need to be mindful about where they put their money. There is good news:

Investing in your website and marketing is one of the best things you can do to increase sales and awareness.

When it comes to doing business, the real risk lies in not doing anything. And that doesn’t mean marketing has to be all or nothing—several companies we’ve worked with choose to do a little at a time. Once they see results, they’re ready for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Imagine being the go-to brand for your services and product.

It takes a great website and planning to get there. Want to get your name in front of more customers? Investing in your website and marketing strategy can get you there.

DIY Website and Marketing Strategy Pitfalls

At Eviva Media, we’ve heard the same thing time and again. Business owners are exhausted and overwhelmed from doing everything themselves.

When you run a business and try to handle everything as just one person or a handful of people, you reach a limit on how much your business can grow. Your online presence starts to look a bit too DIY, and your marketing materials lack cohesion.

It takes serious skills to build professional websites, enhance searchability online, and create compelling graphic design. And that’s just a fraction of what goes into website design and marketing. While these skills are out of reach for most business owners, they’re necessary for establishing authority and getting customers to trust you.

Getting Started on Your Marketing Strategy

The first step to elevating your website and marketing strategy is to reach out and talk through your goals. We offer risk-free consultations where we talk through your pain points, goals, and options for taking your business to the next level.

This includes the areas of focus that will give you the best return on your investment based on your budget so you can grow your marketing plan as your business grows.

Getting Marketing Results

Our purpose is to help you reach your goals. For most business owners, that means bringing their services and projects to a wider audience. But it can also mean having the ability to increase prices while taking on fewer projects. Whatever vision you have for your business, we’ll help you get there, just like we’ve done for hundreds of our clients.

For example, Panacea Solutions is a B2B company specializing in scribe and revenue cycle management services. One of their goals was to drive more traffic to their site and increase leads. When they came to us to discuss their marketing needs, we worked within their budget and decided to start marketing with Google Ads. After only a few months of running ads, we had data showing them how a new website strategy would help their business grow even further.

The data for the new site shows that the strategy is working:

* 252% increase in leads
* 41% improvement in cost per lead
* 34% improvement in bounce rate

Thanks to the increase in business, the owner was able to plan a second website and a more robust email marketing campaign!

What We Can Do for You

The above example highlights just one of the many clients we’ve helped to create a marketing strategy to grow their business. We’d love to get you results, too! So, whether you’re ready to jump in with a comprehensive marketing strategy or you’d like to do a little at a time, we’re ready to get to work on your website and a marketing strategy specific to your business.

Get your free marketing consultation and let’s start planning your business growth!

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