Make This Year’s Home Show Season Your Best Yet

What’s better than promoting your business to large groups of people actively seeking home improvements, upgrades, and service pros? Home show season gives you the opportunity to do just that, but it also gathers all your competition under the same roof at the same time. Maximizing the return on your home show booth investment means standing out from the crowd; learn how to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Why Your Home Show Display Can Make or Break Your Experience

No matter how worn out the concept might be, it is true that you only get one chance to make a first impression. In a home show setting, this is especially true. You’re competing for attention with all the booths around you, and you only have a few seconds to make that first impression. 

It can be tempting to front-load all the information you can through signage and displays, but it’s easy for this strategy to backfire and feel a bit overwhelming. The ideal home show display will be bright, welcoming, and on brand, with text limited to only the most important and pressing details. Some examples include: 

What solution do you provide? For example, “Metal Roofing that Lasts a Lifetime” or “Reduce Your Heating Bills By 50% Overnight.”

What do you want clients to do to learn more about working with you? “Free In-Home Inspection, Register Today!” sends a loud and clear message about the next step.

Information about alternative payment options, especially if your service is expensive. Phrasing such as“Low Monthly Payments, Financing Available” lets potential customers know your services are accessible on a budget.

The primary goal of home show signage is to present the problem you help homeowners solve and to overcome objections they may have with simple statements. If you have a short promo video, playing it on a loop can be a powerful way of communicating key points. 

Another hot tip for boosting engagement at a home show? Free chocolate, and make sure it’s the good stuff. A large bag of candy from Costco (especially the 100 Grand candy bars) is a sure-fire way to bring people flocking to your booth.


The Ins and Outs of Home Show Lead Generation

Spread the business card and brochure love as much as you want to get your name and contact information out there, but don’t leave it up to a potential client to get in touch with you. Instead, collect information and send them off with some collateral; a sales flyer is a must, but make sure it’s large and colorful enough to stand out in the stacks of promo materials they’ll collect at the show.

Another quick and effective way to maximize your home show attendance investment is to host a drawing. Give away something potential clients would love, like a gift card for a home improvement store. Ask participants for their names and contact information, and when you ask if they’re interested in learning more about what you offer, make sure the options are “yes” or “maybe.” Don’t give them a chance to say no, and be sure to follow up after the event whether they are the winner or not.

QR codes are a great way to drive engagement, but keep it to a single code. Multiple codes get too confusing and overwhelming, but one that directs them to your socials or a landing page on your website can be highly effective. Speaking of socials, make sure they’re up-to-date and active. The first place most prospective clients will go to learn more about your company needs to be an accurate reflection of your business. Don’t forget to network with other vendors, too. They can become some of your most valuable referral partners!

Put Your Best Face Forward

People take their cues from others around them, so if you look disinterested in the event or like you have better things to do, attendees will follow suit. How you present yourself at a home show is contagious! Put your phone away and make sure your focus is on the show, the people, and the opportunities of the moment to maximize engagement. Stand near the front of your booth space or move a chair to the front to greet passersbys. Smile and make eye contact to increase the likelihood of them moving into your booth to learn more.

Invest in branded merch to give away, but try to think outside the proverbial box so you’re not offering the same thing attendees can find at every other booth. Choice picks include tape measures, carabiners, decks of playing cards, reusable tote bags, and pens. For kid-friendly events, consider temporary tattoos with your logo.

Are you ready to make this home show season your most impactful and important yet? Eviva Media can help you create a unique lead-generation experience while boosting your marketing power. Call or contact Eviva Media today to get a jump on the competition.

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